Jefferson County, West Virginia, Architectural Inventory Form (1975).

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JCHLC_1975_250: New Hopewell by Jefferson County, WV, Historic Landmarks Commission

Jefferson County, West Virginia, Architectural Inventory Form (1975).


JCHLC_1975_250: New Hopewell


Jefferson County, WV, Historic Landmarks Commission




William D. Theriault


Public Records


Jefferson County, WV, Historic Landmarks Commission Jefferson County, WV 1/1/1975

Found Location

Jefferson County Historic Landmarks Commission. Historic Buildings Survey, 1975.

Geertsema Number


Topics Architecture,African Americans

New Hopewell, front, right.

New Hopewell, slave quarters.

New Hopewell, smoke house.

New Hopewell, Hite's fort, front, left.

New Hopewell, Hite's fort, front, right.

New Hopewell, kitchen, slave quarters.

Jefferson County, West Virginia, Architectural Inventory Form (1975).


Present Owner: Link Brothers Corporation

Mailing Address: Kearneysville

Original Owner: Jacob Hite, Thomas Hite

Assessor Map #: *

Approximate Lot Size: *

Property Currently Zoned: *

Assessment: Land - *; Improvements - *; Total - *

Physical Condition: Structure - Good; Grounds - Good; Neighborhood - Good

Common Name: New Hopewell; JCHLC_1975_250; MID802

Address: *

Area: Leetown

Architect/Builder: Jacob Hite main house; Thomas Hite

Date of Construction: c 1772 main house; c 1865 ; Source - Kenamond MJCHS XXXI 1965

Architectural Style: *

Present Use: residence

Original Use: residence

Incidence in Area: *

Importance to Its Neighborhood: *

Accessible to Public: *

Architectural Significance: State

Significance of Interiors: *

Significance of Landscaping: *

Historic Significance: *

Representation in Other Surveys: Windshield Survey No. M-32.  ; Landmarks Comm. No. MW32.  ; Grid No. MD-F2.  ; New Hopewell


Facade Material: ships siding

Foundation: stone

Roof Form: pitched

Porch or Veranda: 1; Height: 1 story

Building Height in Stories: 2

Roof Dormers: no

Chimneys: 3 double; Where: *

Facade Emphasis: horizontal

Window Sash: 1st: yes; 2nd: yes; 3rd: yes

Entrance: Trans; Undecorated


Mantels: 2

Overmantles: 1 living room

Staircase: 2 original

Wainscotting: *

Interior Doors of Period: yes

Door and window Frames: yes

Other Panelling: living room

Ceiling Cornices: no

Chair Rails: yes

Base Molds: yes (ceiling molds)

Wallcoverings of Period: some

Hardware: some

Ceiling Medallions: some

Original Floors: pine, original



originally had a dumb waiter; coat of arms in back of fireplaces; closets on both sides of fireplaces in living room

Significant Outbuildings: fort[?], log smoke house

Landscaping: *

Other Notes: 13 panes around front door, shows patriotism in Revolutionary War. Most window panes original.

Kenamond concluded (MJCSH XXXI 1965) this was built by Jacob Hite's son Thomas (1750 -1779 ) who acquired the land in 1772 and named his house New Hopewell to distinguish it from his father's Hopewell.