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Our Nominees for the Convention.

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Our Nominees for the Convention.




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J. Harrison Kelly




J. Harrison Kelly Fredericksburg, VA 10/10/1867

Topics Reconstruction,Politics,African Americans,Elections

Our Nominees for the Convention.

The nominee of the Conservative voters of Spotsylvania, JOHN L. MARYE, Jr., need no introduction to the people of this election district. We need not tell the people that he possesses a sound and discriminating mind, and an integrity of purpose which commands the respect of his acquaintance, because Mr. MARYE is known to almost every man, black and white, in the three counties of this district.

We believe him to be, unquestionably, the most popular man that could have been named, for, wherever known -- in District and State -- he is known as a gentleman of great legal acumen, united to a character, bright and unspotted as a Christian gentleman. He is not a partizan, but is presented as one who has studied the economy of government under the teachings and inspirations of patriots and statesmen, and imbued with that high resolve and honesty of intention which exists and strengthens the moral condition of society.

The associate with Mr. MAYRE, from King George, is Capt. F.C.S. Hunter, who is known in the District to some extent, having commanded a Company in the 30th Regiment during the war. Capt. HUNTER, though a young man, has been honored by his native country, whenever his name has been before the people. He has been elected to the Legislature, and swept the county as a candidate for Commonwealth Attorney, in 1865 . Owing to a State disqualification -- since removed -- Capt. H. could not discharge the duties of his office, and resigned the post. He is well qualified for the proper discharge of the duties which will be required in a Constitutional Convention, and will again poll the vote of the county in behalf of the ticket on which he runs.

The County of Caroline has yet to name its candidate. We hear the choice is considered as resting between ANDREW BROADDUS and WASHINGTON BECKNEN [?]. Either of these gentlemen will give strength to the ticket, as they are well-informed gentlemen, and have a private record that is irreproachable.

We understand that the friends of other gentlemen are also pushing forward their names for the position. This is no time for division -- no time to talk about "claims" -- the issue is vital. With, therefore, the kindest feeling for other gentlemen who have been named -- and without the slightest disposition to dictate -- but with the true interests of the cause at heart, we suggest that ANDREW BROADDUS be unanimously selected by the people of Caroline. His name is a tower of strength, and we have indubitable evidence from Fredericksburg, and Spotsylvania that his nomination will add to the already unexceptionable ticket.