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Spirit of Jefferson










Benjamin F. Beall Charlestown, (West) Virginia 4/23/1867

Topics Governmen,Reconstruction

The Board of Supervisors of this county, held a meeting at Shepherdstown on Monday last . From the official report of its proceedings, we copy the following:

Ordered, that James and Wm. L. Lemon's land be reduced to 98 acres, that being the actual quantity now owned by them, after deducting lots sold to Samuel Ruckle, J.J. Miller and the B. & O. Railroad company.?

Ordered, that $2 be refunded to Mrs. A. E. Mcendree, it being the county levy on two white males erroneously assessed to her in the year 1865 .

Ordered, by the Board of Supervisors that the place of holding the elections in Averill Township, be changed from Smithfield to Shaull's School House in said township.

Ordered, by the Board of Supervisors that the place of holding the election in Shepherd Township be changed from the Sheriff's office to the Market House in said township; and that the place of holding the elections in Chapline Township be changed from Fleming's shop to the Market House in said township.

Ordered, that Albert Jones be granted license to sell spirituous liquors at Rippon, Jefferson county, W. Va.

W.E. Anderson, Constable of Bolivar Township, offered his resignation which was not accepted.

Ordered, that the appointment of J.W. Yantis, a Constable of Harper's Ferry Township, be confirmed by the Board.

Ordered, that a deduction of fifty acres be made on the assessment of Mrs. Mary Wright's farm near Kearneysville, heretofore assessed to Samuel Wright as 300 acres, in 1866 .

Ordered, that the assessment of the land of G.H. Johnson be reduced from 52 acres to 45 acres.

Ordered, that Dr. N. Marmion be paid $32.00 for Iron Bedstead furnished Poor House.

Supervisor McCurdy moved to pay J.W. Kennedy $100 for his services as counsel for the Board in the mandamus case. The vote being a tie, the motion was declared lost.

Supervisor Fossett moved to pay J.W. Kennedy $50 for his services as counsel which motion was carried.

Ordered, that Joseph Barry be paid $3 for printing bill to Free Press office.

Ordered, that T.W. Potterfield be paid 155,90 for Jury and Witness fees before the Grand Jury.

Ordered, that $600 be deduced from the assessment on the personal property of Emanuel Spangler, it being an erroneous assessment.

Ordered, that I.T. Chapline be paid $31.62 for Jury fees, &c.

Ordered, that John Chamberlain be allowed, out of the levy of 1867 , $105,30, for road bill in Averill Township.

Ordered, that the Sheriff furnish the Clerk of the Court, Recorder, and Clerk of the Board, with Stationary for their offices.

Ordered, that J.P.A. Entler be paid $26,50 for room, fire, lights and board, for prisoner and guards.

Ordered, that the county tax on 50 acres of land assessed to Samuel Wright, on his farm near Kearneysville, for 1865 be refunded to him.

Ordered, that John Koonce be paid $11,65 for cost in criminal cases and conveying prisoners to Martinsburg Jail.?

Ordered, that the Sheriff be notified and required to settle and pay over forthwith to the County Treasurer the amount of county levy due for the year 1866 .

Ordered, than an election be held in the several Townships of the county, on the fourth Thursday of May next, for all Township officers.