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Spirit of Jefferson










Benjamin F. Beall Charlestown, (West) Virginia May 28, 1867

Topics Government

SUPERVISOR'S COURT met in Shepherdstown on the 20th inst. , and among other proceedings adopted the following:

The report of the Overseers of the Poor was submitted to the Board. On motion it was adopted and ordered to be filed.

Ordered, that the county tax of $600 be deducted from the assessment of Amos Janney, for the years 1865 -66.

Ordered, that Thos. Rutherford the superintendent of the Charlestown and Berryville turnpike be and is hereby authorized to sell a parcel of land belonging to the county and lying on said road.

Ordered, that Patrick O'Brien be granted license to sell spirituous liquors at Harper's Ferry, license to date from the 20th of April .

Ordered, by the Board, that the Jail committee be required to proceed forthwith to finish the county Jail, and that two of the cells of the same be completed by the 10th day of June, 1867 , and that they report at the next meeting of the Board.

Ordered, that the order made by the Board, April 25, 1866 , in regard to the assessment of Humphrey Keyes, be re-affirmed.

Ordered, by the Board of Supervisors, that all persons owning or keeping dogs within the county are required to procure license for keeping the same, and the license tax shall be as follows: any persons owning or keeping one dog 50 cts, two dogs, $1,50; three dogs $3,00; four dogs $5,00; five dogs $7,50, six dogs $10,50; and it is further ordered, that the assessor of the county shall make a list of all dogs within the county, and make return of such list to the clerk of the Board by the 30th of July, 1867 .

The next meeting of the Board will be on Tuesday next, 4th of June .