Prominent Men of West Virginia

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Knott, Charles Henry by Atkinson, George Wesley and Alvaro F. Gibbens

Prominent Men of West Virginia


Knott, Charles Henry


Atkinson, George Wesley and Alvaro F. Gibbens




pp. 884-885.




W.L. Callin Wheeling, WV 1890

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Old Charles Town Library

Topics Politics,Biography

Charles H. Knott, State Senator, ca. 1889.


Charles H. Knott, State Senator, ca. 1889.

Knott, Charles Henry

Much of what now constitutes West Virginia was in the early days deplorably poor in school facilities, and the people poorer in purse, so that their sons and daughters had little opportunity to secure the education which more advanced sections could secure upon their youth. Yet it is a fact that the most of her ablest lawmakers, sprang from those unfavored native families, and have attained honorable distinction. Among these in the member from the Thirteenth district in the Senate of 1889 . He was born in Jefferson County, Virginia, May 1, 1841 , and received the sparse education afforded by the winter schools of that day, after which he followed boating and farming, and is still so engaged. He was a Confederate soldier from 1861 to 1865 , eight months of that time in prison and on parol. He has been a Notary Public since 1876 . He was elected to the State Senate, receiving five hundred and forty-three majority, and serves on the Committees of Finance, Education, Federal Relations, Immigration and Agriculture, and Claims and Grievances. He introducted the bill "To accept the Federal Appropriation for Establishing Agricultural Stations in West Virginia."</p.

Senator Knott is Master of the West Virginia State Grange, Patrons of Husbandry, having been elected in December, 1888 , for the term of two years.