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Shepherdstown Register


Personal Notes





Shepherdstown, VA 1/24/1924
Topics Commerce,Real Estate,Communications,Social

Mr. and Mrs. M.S.R. Moler, who for a number of years have lived at Engle Station, this county, where Mr. Moler conducted a store, have moved into their new home, just completed along the Charles Town pike, a half mile south of Shepherdstown. Mr. Moler bought a beautiful tract of land from Dr. and Mrs. G. W. Banks, on part of the Tanner farm, and on it has built a handsome and comfortable residence. We give them hearty welcome to our neighborhood, and hope that they will live long to enjoy their new home.

Mr. Henry C. Marten, one of Shepherdstown's oldest business men, has been indisposed this past week, and by the advice of his physician has kept away from his store. It is hard work to control Mr. Marten in this respect, for in the 52 years he has been in business in Shepherdstown he has not been away from his post of duty more than a day or two because of illness.

Among the callers at the Register office today were Mr. Chas. T. Engle and Mr. Bane Brown, both of Charles Town -- the former the efficient auctioneer and the latter the popular sale clerk of this county. They report lots of sales for this season and will be busy almost every day from now until the first of April.

Rev. and Mrs. I.D. Worman received a radio message last week from their son Charles, who recently landed in Japan, that he was safe. This is supposed to refer to his arrival in that country as well as to assure them that he had not been injured in the latest earthquake.

Among the Register's subscribers from out of town who have called recently were Messrs. H. H. Hendricks, Philip Banks, H. N. Sampsell, Wm. A. Dunn, Elbert Conard, D.E. Louden, Chas. J. Derr, Wm. F. Welsh, G. W. Griffith and J. A. Hendricks.

Mr. Samuel F. Barnhart, of Shepherdstown and Roanoke, is enjoying the sunny smiles of Florida with several of his own cronies. He expects to remain in Florida until about the first of April, visiting various parts of the State as fancy leads him.

Mr. J. Frank Marsh, secretary of the State Board of Education, of Charleston, is in Shepherd today visiting Shepherd College and conferring with W.H. White on school matters.