The Thirty-Fifth State: A Documentary History of West Virginia

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The Thirty-Fifth State: A Documentary History of West Virginia




Cometti, Elizabeth and Festus P. Summers




West Virginia University Library Morgantown, W 1966

Topics Legislation,Education,Technology,John Brown,African Americans,Military,Transportation,Railroads,Travel Narratives,Government

Includes excerpts from primary source materials important to West Virginia history. Chapters and documents relevant to Jefferson County include: The Western Counties (an act creating Frederick and Augusta counties from Orange County, Henings Statutes at Large, V, 78-80); In Behalf of James Rumsey (act giving Rumsey a ten-year monopoly to construct and navigate his boats on Virginia waterways, Henings Statutes at Large, XI, 502; Abstracts of School Commissioner's Reports (brief summary of the number of poor children in each county, their school attendance, and the sum spent on their education, from Joseph Martin, A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of Virginia, pp. 78-80); The National Arsenal at Harpers Ferry (description of the Harpers Ferry Armory, ca. 1830 , from Joseph Martin, A New and Comprehensive Gazetteer of Virginia, pp. 370-372); John Brown's Death and Last Words as Reported by Porte Crayon , a reprint of Boyd B. Stutler's "An Eyewitness Describes the Hanging of John Brown" (q.v.); How the West Virginia Delegates Voted on the Ordinance of Secession, from J. H. Brenaman's A History of Virginia Conventions, pp. 53-56; The Baltimore and Ohio Makes a Panhandle, Waitman T. Willey's speech at the Constitutional Convention, arguing that the Potomac River be set as the eastern boundary of West Virginia, from Debates and Proceedings of the First Constitutional Convention, I, 438; Harpers Ferry in Wartime, 1862 (Nathaniel Hawthorne visits Harpers Ferry in "Chiefly About War Matters..." (q.v.); A Trip into Charles Town in 1865 (from J.T. Trowbridge's The South: A Tour of Its Battlefields, pp. 70-72); Virginia Sues to Recover Berkeley and Jefferson Counties (from Virginia v. West Virginia 11 Wallace, 53-63, 1870 ); The Beginning of Rural Free Delivery (Farmer's Advocate, September 19, 1896 , and William L. Wilson1243

to Speaker of the House, March 1, 1897  ); The Normal Schools (Shepherd College , in Report of the Board of Regents of the State Nornal Schools, 1881  ); and Integration in West Virginia (Jefferson County Public Schools, in William W. Trent's Mountaineer Education, pp. 134-143).