Four Valiant Years in the Lower Shenandoah Valley: 1861-1865

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by Hale, Laura Virginia

Four Valiant Years in the Lower Shenandoah Valley: 1861-1865


Hale, Laura Virginia





Strasburg, VA 1968
Found Location

Old Charles Town Library

Topics Civil War,Military

This is more a scrapbook than a history, with newspaper clippings and visual materials that are often not woven into the narrative. It contains no table of contents and only a brief index. The legibility of the publication is often poor, particularly for some of the visual materials. Illustrations include: "Ruins of the Virginia Manufactory, Harpers Ferry, 1865 "; Harpers Ferry Arsenal Ablaze, showing burning Armory buildings and partly destroyed bridge across the Potomac; Confederates burn B. & O. Railroad Bridge at Harpers Ferry, June 14, 1861 ; Locomotives rest in the Potomac at Harpers Ferry, June 14, 1861 ; Railroad cars dumped in the Potomac River by Confederates, June 14, 1861 ; Angus W. McDonald (photograph); and the Federal Occupation of Harpers Ferry (photograph). Topics include the Warren Rifles at Harpers Ferry April 21, 1861 ; Stonewall Jackson and the B & O Railroad at Harpers Ferry; "Valley Voters Choose [William] Smith and [Alexander] Boteler in First Confederate National Election; Jackson attempts the destruction of the C & O Canal; "Rebels Capture and Yankees Recapture at Charles Town"; and excerpts from the memoirs of Harry Gilmore.