Historic Jefferson County

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by Bushong, Millard K.

Historic Jefferson County


Bushong, Millard K.






Carr Publishing Co. Boyce, Virginia 1972

Topics Accidents,African Americans,Agriculture,American Revolution,Jefferson County's Transfer to West Virginia,Ante-bellum,Architecture,Art,Biography,Canals,Civil War,Military,Colonial,Commerce,Communications,Crime,Culture,Depression,Disaster

Chapter topics include: 1. Natural Features -- Location; Topography; Geological Structure; Climate and Water; Agriculture and Industry; Beauty of Harpers Ferry; Lake Louisa; Chimney Rock; 2. Early Days -- Explorations; Settlements; Towns and Villages; Churches, Ministers, and Schools; The French and Indian War; The Masons. 3. The Revolution -- Companies of Soldiers; The "Bee Line" March; Robert Rutherford; Other Events; Revolutionary Generals; William Crawford; James Glenn.; 4. James Rumsey and His Steamboat -- Early Life; First Experiments; Success; The Rumseian Society; Rumsey Goes to London; Difficulties Abroad; John Fitch, the Rival Inventor; Other Inventions of Rumsey; The Rumsey Memorials; 5. Things Economic and Cultural; Industry; Iron; Mills; Early Newspapers; The National Capital; St. Clair's Defeat; Harpers Ferry Armory and Arsenal; An Episode; Churches; Education; The Legend of Wizard Clip; Dolly Madison's Wedding; Miscellaneous Item; 6. The Jeffersonian Era -- Jefferson Becomes a County; Diversions War of 1812 ; 7. The New Nationalism, 1815 to 1840 ; Political Events; Harpers Ferry Armory and Arsenal; Churches; Sunday Schools; Internal Improvements; Negroes and Slavery; Literary Activities; Towns and Villages; The Masons; Death of Lafayette; 8. The Eventful Forties; Politics; Harpers Ferry Armory and Arsenal; Schools; The Mexican War; Ante Bellum Days, 1850 -1861 ; Census of 1850 ; Politics; Secession; Harpers Ferry Armory and Arsenal; Churches and Schools; Attempt to Divide the County; Old Houses; Ring Tournaments; 10. John Brown; John Edwin Cook; Osawatomie Brown; Attack on Harpers Ferry; Attack on the Engine House; Trial; Execution; 11. The Civil War; Ten Companies; Harpers Ferry in 1861 ; The Year 1862 ; Raid on Winchester and Potomac Railroad; Capture of Harpers Ferry; After Antietam; Raids, Spring of 1863 ; Skirmishes after Gettysburg; Imboden Captures Charles Town; Raids in Early 1864 ; Skirmishes, July, 1864 ; Shepherdstown V. Sharpsburg; Devastation by David Hunter; Shenandoah Valley Campaign, 1864 ; Mosby in 1864 ; Skirmishes, Winter of 1864 -1865 ; John Yates Beall; Mollie Pultz; The End; 12. Reconstruction; Post-war Conditions; Politics; The County Seat Controversy; Schools; Miscellaneous Items; Formation of West Virginia; Efforts to Obtain Jefferson County; Attempts to Reunite with Virginia; Virginia V. West Virginia; 13. New Interests and Outlooks; Politics; Schools; The Morgan's Grove Fair; Schemes; Miscellaneous Improvements; Rural Free Delivery; The Spanish-American War; 14. The New Century; Politics; Modern Improvements; Schools; Moral Questions; Newspapers; World War I; Miscellaneous Items; 15. Between Two World Wars; United States V. Burr, Samuel Engle; Another Treason Trial; Politics; Schools; Miscellaneous Items; 16. World War II; 17. Jefferson County V. United States Government; 18. Pollution, Politics, and Planning; Pollution; Politics; Planning; 19. Recent Years; Industry; Education; Health and Welfare; Miscellaneous Items; Biographies of Prominent Residents; Footnotes; Bibliography. Appendix A, Rolls of Soldiers; Appendix B, the Forty-Niners; Appendix C, Affidavit of John Avis; Appendix D, List of Jefferson County Officials; Footnotes for Appendices; Index; Illustrations.