History of Eastern Jefferson County, West Virginia

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by Theriault, William D.

History of Eastern Jefferson County, West Virginia


Theriault, William D.






The Jefferson County Oral and Visual History Association, Inc. Bakerton, WV 1988

Topics Natural Resources,Geology,Exploration,Settlement,Native Americans,Iron Industry,American Revolution,Civil War,Military,African Americans,Limestone Industry,Transportation,Canals,Highways,Railroads,Rivers

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Chapter topics include: I. Geography and Natural Resources; II. Indians; III. Early Explorers and Settlers (1700-1753 ); IV. Early Fairfax Grants (1754 -1759 ); V.The French-Indian War (1754 -1763 ); VI. The Second Wave of Settlement (1760 -1775 ); VII. The Beginning of Industry (1760 -1775 ); VIII. The American Revolution and its Aftermath (1775 -1799 ); IX. The Armory and the Local Economy (1800 -1835 ); X. The Arrival of the Railroad and the Canal (1836 -1860 ; XI. The Civil War (1860 -1865 ); XII. Reconstruction and the Re-establishment of Industry (1866 -1883 ); XIII. The Founders of Bakerton; XIV. Establishment of Bakerton (1883 -1921 ); XV. The Second Generation of Bakers (1922 -1948 ); XVI. Bakerton (1922 -1948 ); XVII. The Bakerton Plant Leaves the Baker Family (1949 -1957 ); XVIII. Bakerton Now. Appendix A. Excerpts from "A Brief by L[odonzo] C. Engle on the Origin of the Engle Name"; Appendix B. Genealogies of Families in Eastern Jefferson County; Bibliography.